Hans Boeve Welcomes You!

Hans Boeve Active in Financial Research


As a investor one needs to predict the value of the prefered stock. Therefore I studied some well known methods for such aim.

I asked myself if I could further develop these studies. Then I compared these different studies and discovered the Elliott method is strong in amplitude while the Meridian method is strong in timing.

Next I decided to combine both methods in a regular horizontal-vertical manner. Therefore the research is taking place.

Three Quadrant Financial Research

Research Principles

Horizontal-Axis : Time Axis : According to Astrology : Most Timing Adequate : Financial Astrology

Vertical-Axis : According to Elliott Wave : Most accurate in level positioning : Elliott Wave

The work of Merriman might be taken into consideration (Breathing*): The Basics
*First thought : The breathing problem could be solved because of un underlying regularity.

All three have investor psychology in common.

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